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Are drug checking tools legal in your state?

Drug checking tools are an increasingly popular life-saving harm reduction measure, but many states classify these tools as drug paraphernalia making them illegal to possess.

Use our guide to find out the legality of drug checking tools in your state.


Drug Checking

Drug checking tools, such as reagent test kits and fentanyl test strips, help people identify drugs purchased on the black market. If the test shows the substance contains a harmful contaminant like fentanyl, this information can save their life. Studies show that individuals have a high willingness to use drug checking tools, and information from these tests leads to risk reduction behaviors including changing intentions to use.

Drug checking also helps public health officials track deadly trends in the drug supply. Because the landscape of substances is constantly evolving, it is important for the public to stay informed about potential risks and  effective public health responses to be implemented.

Unfortunately, drug checking tools are illegal and fall under the definition of “drug paraphernalia” in many states. Currently, drug checking tools are legal or decriminalized in only 21 jurisdictions across the U.S. Use our guide to check the legality of drug checking tools in your state, and find out how to take action if they are illegal.

Learn more about drug checking here.

Make a Difference


Want to be a catalyst for change? Use our advocacy organizing guide to start changing the laws in your state.


Contact your elected officials and demand action. Use our “who to pressure” guide and letter templates.


There are many advocacy groups participating in drug policy reform work all over the country. Find groups in your area by clicking the link above.

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